Trade Mark Number: 82524

Journal Date: 2015-09-30

Application Date: 16/04/2014

Class of Registration: 9 (Computer software; computer hardware; computer software and hardware for the provision of banking services, financial services, monetary transfer services, payment services, bank account management services, financial management services and actuarial services; downloadable electronic publications and data; bank cards, charge cards, cash cards, credit cards and debit cards; encoded cards and magnetically encoded cards for carrying data, all for financial transactions and financial services), 35 (Business management; business administration; business management consulting and assistance; business management consulting and assistance relating to risk analysis, risk prevention, risk management, insurance, actuarial services, reinsurance and financial services; compilation of statistics; consultation services in the field of company, business sector and industry data and research; economic forecasting and assessment; information and advice relating to all of the above services), 36 (Insurance; reinsurance services; financial affairs; actuarial services; monetary affairs; financial services; services in the field of risk management (financial services); financial management services; banking services; information and consulting on insurance, reinsurance, financial services, actuarial services and risk management (financial services), 41 (Training and professional development; arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses, seminars and training workshops; providing data and electronic publications on-line (not downloadable) and 42 (Scientific and technological services and research and design services relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer software; provision and temporary rental of software and Internet platforms; all of the above services relating to insurance, reinsurance, financial services, actuarial services and risk management (financial services).

Disclaimed Content: The mark is registered in the colours green, blue, gold, yellow and black but without limitation to color so that it is deemed registered in all colours.

Applicant: Afro-Asian Insurance Services Limited of 16 St. Clare Street, London EC3N 1 LQ

Representative: ANJARWALLA & KHANNA ADVOCATES of P.O. Box 200-00606, Nairobi. img17 (19) KE - Industrial Property Journal - No. 2015/09 30/09/2015 33