Trade Mark Number: 82576

Journal Date: 2015-09-30

Application Date: 17/04/2014

Class of Registration: 9 (Photographic, cinematographic and optical apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for the recording, transmission, broadcasting, reception, storage, display or reproduction of sound, images and data; computers, computer programs, computer software, computer software applications for smart phones and tablet devices; computer chips, apparatus and instruments for the encoding and decoding of electrical signals; remote control units; smart cards; encoded cards; aerials; satellite dishes; cables; optical fibres; switches; adapters; connectors; plugs; sockets and outlets; junction boxes; tapes, discs and cartridges all bearing or for the recordal of data, sound or images; cinematographic films prepared for exhibition; audio and/or video recordings; multi-media communication, recording, transmission, broadcasting, storage, display, reception and reproduction devices, data processing equipment; computer software and apparatus and instruments for use in connection with the Internet; electronic publications; parts (and fittings) for all the aforesaid godos), 38 (Voice, data, sound and image communication services; multi-media communication services; telecommunications services; radio, television, satellite and cable broadcasting services; newsagency services; transmission, provision and display of information for business or domestic purposes from a computer stored databank; broadcast of live performances and events; hiring, rental and leasing of communication apparatus and instruments; subscription television and Internet broadcasting services; provision of web sites; provision of forums and portals; providing access to and leasing access time to computer data bases; provision and dissemination of information relating to all the aforesaid services) and 41 (Production and recordal of radio, television, video, satellite and cable programmes; entertainment and education services; organisation, presentation, production and recording of live performances, shows, events, concerts, theatre productions, competitions, lectures, promotions, seminars, sports activities and events, recitals, debates, public and private gatherings, cultural activities and events, conferences, meetings, rallies and displays; rental of cine-films, video recordings, audio recordings and CD-roms; hiring, rental and leasing of apparatus and instruments; publication of books, manuals, magazines and texts, films, videos, audio visual and sound recordings; advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services; provision and dissemination of information relating to all the aforesaid services).

Disclaimed Content: None

Applicant: MIH INTELPROP HOLDINGS LIMITED, a Mauritian Company of IFS Court, Twentyeight, Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius

Representative: ISEME, KAMAU & MAEMA ADVOCATES of IKM Place Tower A, 5th Floor, 5th Ngong Avenue, Off Bishops Road, P.O. Box 11866-00400 Nairobi, Kenya img18