Good Reads: Weekly Review of Intellectual Property News from Africa and Beyond

So long, first week of September! Here are some of the cool reads we’ve collected over the past seven days.
IP and related stories from around Africa:
– Kenya: “African Currencies: Intellectual Property Rights and State Sovereignty” [IPKenya]
– Nigeria: “The Era Of ‘Monkey Dey Work, Baboon Dey Chop’ Is Over!” [Copyright Society of Nigeria]
– Ghana: Music group Wutah accuse Flavour of theft of intellectual property in Kwarikwa [Pilot Africa]
– South Africa: Copyright Review Commission releases damning report on collecting societies [Aliquid Novi]
– Rwanda: “Protecting Intellectual Property” [New Times]
– New book: “Innovative Africa: The New Face of Africa – Essays on the rise of Africa’s Innovation Age” by @wmworia & @Mbwana, edited by @NiNanjira [Afrinnovator]
– Worthwhile piece: Anti-trust Enforcement in Africa: “Who Doesn’t Love A Little Competition?” [AfroIP]
IP and related stories from around the world:
– USPTO Issues World’s First Invisibility Cloak Patent [IPWatchdog]
– Leading Indian IP Blogger sued by Natco for making defamatory comments in on-going patent suit. [Legally India] [rebuttal by SpicyIP here]
– The Contributions Of Julian Assange To The Debate On Intellectual Property [IP Watch]
– “Drugs and emerging markets: Tripped up” [Economist]
– Christian Louboutin SA vs. Yves Saint Laurent: “Red-Soled Shoes Win Appeal” [Wall Street Journal]
– “Internet freedom: Plus ça change” [Economist]
– IPKat’s comments on British IP in light of recent Cabinet re-shuffle [IPKat]
– CLS Bank v. Alice Corp: Patenting Software Ideas [Patently-O Blog]
– How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards [io9]
– “Did Canada’s 1989 Shift To First-To-File Nip Small-Time Innovation In the Bud? [IP Osgoode]
– Sweet success for patent holder: Gelled Manuka Honey Medical Dressing Patent Non-obvious [JIPLP]
– Seeds & songs: similarities between business models of Apple & Monsanto [Star Tribune]
– No Jail Time for Obama ‘HOPE’ Poster Artist [abc news]

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