IP Picture of the Day: Registered Trade Mark?

After getting a close-up of the picture above, several thoughts come rushing to mind. The writing on this exhauster services tanker reads “Trade Mark (R)” which from an intellectual property (IP) perspective means that the word “Trade Mark” is a registered as a trade mark. Such irony!
This blogger suspects that the person behind this writing was probably inspired by all the branded goods and services that surround us on our daily lives. Interestingly though, unlike copyright where “Copyright” “(c)” are often used side by side without creating a repetitious irony, the same cannot be said for trade marks, it seems.
This blogger shared today’s picture of the day with some colleagues and here are some of the comments made so far:
“it’s amazing how ignorant we are of IP, but then again it is good for such mistakes to be made it means we are making headway in terms of awareness….ߘatleast he has a clue about the sign and the word trade mark …..All we need to find him is a trade mark and registered it and he will be good. For starters maybe wira na wira.”
” Ha! it is the wira ni wira that need to be registered as a TM..”
“Has d guy actually registered d mark? Really funny… Is it in Kenya?  Well done with your IP awareness creation”
“That’s the first sign that someone is aware of IP. Sensitization is working, we can start with that!”
Over to you, our readers.

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