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With a subscribed readership of 700 strong and 192 blogposts in 2012 alone, its not hard to see why the AfroIP blog has distinguished itself as an authoritative voice on all things intellectual property throughout the African continent. CIPIT’s relationship with AfroIP dates back to 2009 with our Director Dr. Isaac Rutenberg who has remained an active contributor to the blog.
This year, AfroIP heralded the birth of CIPIT in a blogpost titled: “To patent or not to patent: forthcoming seminar”. This inaugural CIPIT event, on software patents, particularly business method patents was the very same topic discussed in an earlier AfroIP blogpost written by Dr. Isaac Rutenberg titled: “Safaricom, mPesa and business method patents: another view”.
After the Conference, CIPIT announced the launch of its new website and is grateful for the mention on IP-Kat here. Thereafter, CIPIT used the AfroIP platform to share important news from the 2nd Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest held in Brazil this past December. More recently, AfroIP prepared its report on intellectual property in Kenya and CIPIT is pleased to have been favourably mentioned.
CIPIT hopes that its relationship of mutual support with AfroIP will continue in 2013. As African intellectual property continues to develop, CIPIT looks forward to providing news, information, analysis and commentary from an East African perspective.

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