Weekly Update of Intellectual Property News from Africa and Beyond

– Kenya: CIPIT is the Open A.I.R. East Africa Hub! [Captain Obvious]
– Kenya: Intellectual property tussle over tax-geared technovation [Nation]
– Kenya: From Studio Booth to DJ Booth – Part I: DJs Scratching Their Heads over Music Licensing [Learning Kenyanese]
– ARIPO: The African Regional Property Organisation will appoint a new Director General this week [KIPI]
– Nigeria: The Copyright Society has announced the distribution of N100 million music copyright royalties on December 11, 2012 [COSON]
– SEACONET Draft Law on Copyright and Related Rights for Southern and Eastern Africa [IPKenya]
– Kenya Copyright Board Gazetted Prosecutors [KECOBO]
– Ghana opts for the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) [WIPO]
– Deadly Fake Medicines [NYT]
– Coffee and Intellectual Property: Branding Agricultural Products in Africa [Link]
– Nigeria: All Eyes On the Creative Industry [All Africa]
– Kenya: WIPO & KIPI Joint Seminar on International Registration of Marks Under The Madrid System [IP Kenya]
– Guest Post: Territorial Thinking Misguides on International Exhaustion Doctrine [Patently O]

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