AI and Human Rights – Sustainable Use of AI to Promote Human Rights

In this thought-provoking episode, Florence Ogonjo explores the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights. Join us as we unravel the ethical complexities, challenges, and promises that arise when cutting-edge technology meets the core tenets of our shared humanity. Through real-world examples, this episode dissects the potential of AI to both empower and infringe upon human rights. How do we safeguard against biases embedded in algorithms? Can AI be harnessed as a force for positive social change? These questions and more guide our exploration as we navigate the ethical terrain of AI deployment.

1Documentary: Coded Bias
2. Stakeholder Framework – AI in Africa: Framing AI through an African Lens
3. Stakeholder Dashboard
4. Recommended Reading: You Look Like a Thing and I Love You – Janel Shane

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