S1 E4: Tech Giants and Competition Law in the Global South

Today’s episode trolled this episode from Marketplace Tech https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/marketplace-tech/id73330855?i=1000449632792
Competition law (or antitrust as it’s known in the US) has a lot to say about how smaller tech companies can take on the giants. Tracing the origins of antitrust law, the show looks at the telecommunication corporations in Kenya dominating the ISP space as well and what that might mean for smaller providers. Kenyan law which is modelled after European competition law, predicates antitrust actions on dominance in the market which may allow mischief on the part of smaller ISPs.
The show also takes a look into the ways that FACEBOOK is attempting to keep a hold on its market share, Free Basics to be specific and the lessons that Kenya can learn on how to be more wary about who they allow to access their data.
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